Monday, February 25, 2008

January 28th & 29th- Our time on the Tahuayo grows short

The Oro Pendulum were constant fixtures outside the lodge... I don't know much about these birds excepts that apparently they can mimic other birds calls and their nests and social lives are pretty cool!
Browsing the Chino Market
This is Ben, Chrisitian and I on our last night at the lodge... The lodge band "The Ladykillers" were playing in the background and I wish I had a better photo of them (if anyone has one, than please upload it so we can all take a look!).

This is my bed at the lodge, it was lovely with the mosquito net drape...

This is Ben't temporary tattoo.
At Chino Market...

28/01/08 and 29/01/08

So as our days on the Tahuayo grew to a close we spent time going to the local market and getting tattoos... Just temporary ones of course!

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