Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ben goes hiking without me!

The Uranius Swallowtail Moth

Some sort of giant snail!

Moths in Hiding...
Ceiba Samauma

Ceiba Pentandra

Ben with the Great Kapok Tree

A really blurry picture of a tarantula!

This orchid was growing right in front of the lodge, where there weren't as many mosquitoes! :)

Ben with the Kapoks

Ceiba Tree Borer

Okay, so I'll admit it... I was utterly defeated by the mosquitoes while in the Amazon! How demoralizing to be so frightened of a small flying insect! These photos are from a morning where I couldn't bring myself to go hiking, so Ben and Christian went back out to the Kapok. They saw some really neat things!

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Anonymous said...

Benny D! Amazing!