Thursday, February 7, 2008

January 18th- Visiting the Village of Buena Vista

We had a wonderful day today exploring the village of Buena Vista with Christian. We watched baskets being woven were able to talk about the materials and dyes being used and talked to a few locals about their farms and home gardens. During our visits with the villagers of Buena Vista we were able to speak with villagers about their methods of home construction, their personal histories, sustainable practices among the community residents and also the use of plants for medicines and culinary uses.

The pictures included here are of the village of Buena Vista and some of the residents we met while visiting. Our first stop was at Wilson and Victoria's house where we talked about the types of materials that people use to construct their homes. The craftsmenship is pretty amazing. These homes are made of palm fibers, and vines, there are no nails or screws holding them together, yet they are sturdy rain-proof and cozy!

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