Monday, February 25, 2008

January 28th and 29th- Some Final Pictures on the Tahuayo

The boathouse at dusk...
Clouds rolling in over the Tahuayo

Manioc! Also known as yuca...

Bananas and yuca in front of a house
Sugar Cane!
Pedro the Wild Parrot!
Red Tipped Manioc

Ben and I are eager to move on from this adventure onthe Tahuayo! It will be sad to leave the lodge that has functioned as our home for two weeks and to not constantly have Christian with us always patiently explaining, but now we are off to the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. Tomorrow we will wake at 1:30 am (Jan. 30th) and board the boat, travelling down the Tahuayo to the Amazon River again into Iquitos. We need to be at the Airport in Iquitos by 7:00am and from there we will travel onto Lima and then Cusco. It will be a long day of traveling and we hear that flights in Peruvian airports are notorious for delays and cancellations, in addition Dolly mentioned that there may be a strike in Iquitos against the government for making too many land concessions to oil company interests. In this case, everything stops... including flights,so we will see what happens! Ciao! See you in Cusco!

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