Wednesday, January 9, 2008

So Much to Accomplish!

The Peruvian Amazon is a vast place to visit with ecosystems that span from cloud forest, to paramo, to lowland rainforest! There is so much accomplish and learn while we are there. Here are a few of our trip goals:

1) Make the exhibit authentic and realistic

2) See what plants are growing and how – what does the area look like that we can represent.
spend time with specific tribes that we plan to focus on, learning about their lifestyle and a typical day

3) Investigate food (restaurants/meals/markets)

4) Looking at the crafts/trades

5) Photograph inside and outside of structures and other typical things with someone or something for scale

6) Determine what 4 mini-themes could make sense, within the overall theme (the Amazon through the eyes of the indigenous people)

7) Get ideas for special programming- for children, adults, general puclic, etc.

8) Is there any formal horticulture and what does it look like?

9) Gathering books and maps that aren’t available in the US

10) See manioc production

11) Ship / bring back artifacts and seek out fair trade connections for exhibit

12) Take photos of EVERYTHING!

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Anonymous said...

Subsection to #3: Explore el banos in the area.