Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We Are Here! (sort of!)

Buenas Dias!

After a very own time flight from Pittsburgh and an even more prompt flight from Newark (Shocking!) we have arrived in Lima! It was very humid last night when we arrived but this morning we woke up to sunny and warm conditions with fairly low humidity. Edda, our guide, will be picking us up around 12pm to start our journey into the Amazon! Lima is a very busy and it seems developing city. (There are the omini¡present yellow arches of a McDonanlds right near our hotel.) The smog and congestion seems pretty thick, but maybe not as bad as I had expected.

This may be it for the posts for a while unless we have access to phone or internet while we are northwest of Iquitos in the Reserve.

Adios, Mi Amigoes!


Ben said...

Hello everyone I am having some trouble posting to the account so I am posting a comment insted.
It is very Hot and humid in Lima. There is alot of traffic and smog as well so we are excited to be going into the jungle later today. All and all we are fine so far and looking forward to getting to work.

kimmer said...

On time flights...amazing. Almost as amazing as Rocky using the computer to check your status.
Have fun!

mom said...

I amlookin at pictures of Tahuayo lodge. If that's where you are, it looks nice. Sanitary food and water handleing in their ad. Good News.
Hope you get this. Love and miss you

Tom said...

Good Morning Dear Daughter - hope this finds you well - haven't eatin' any bugs yet, have you? if you're really hot, you could come home for a visit - it's going to be in the single digits here this weekend!! OMG - no electricity - how are you going to watch the O'Reilly Factor?? i'll tape it for you so you don't miss a single episode!! LOL!! Your Mom and I went to see Juno last night - what i great movie - you'll have to see it when you get home. You continue to take care of you and get home safely!!! Love - Dad

Hdawg said...

Hooray! So glad you arrived safely and survived Newark. It's amazing how quickly you all travelled to the middle of nowhere. Really looking forward to seeing pictures of the Amazon outback.

Buena suerte y buena salud!!

Chris said...

So what do they call a quarter pounder in the Lima Mcdonalds? Does this lodge leave a complimentary lizard on your pillow too?

Anonymous said...

One more week to go on the reserve, right??
Hope you are busy so the time goes fast for you. 5 degrees here today, not so good. Snow in the mountains. The Patriots in the super bowl. surprise.
i miss talking to you. Take care and be safe.
Love Mom

Tom said...

Morning Erika - hope things are going well - you're making me and your mother nervous - Sydney Crosby on injured reserve - high ankle sprain. Giants and Patriots in the Super Bowl- still very cold here - Dad

kimmer said...

Hey E$
All is well in the Burgh! Rocky sometimes just looks at your porch and cocks his head in confusion but I assured him that you will be back soon. We go to he first mortgage payment went out- I guess that is the only milestone you have missed. Take care! We miss you!

kimmer said...

the blog ate part of my last comment...
I added that rocky and I got over to the house occasionally to sniff around and run you water- because it is very cold and we don't want your pipes to freeze.

Tom said...

Good Morning Erika - i hope you're still doing well - your Mom and i think you must be going crazy since you've been cut off from the outside world for almost 2 weeks now - we know how much you love to talk on the phone - we are hoping you've been loading pictures, etc. on the blog so when you get to Lima you can publish them - very uneventful weekend here - it snowed again - everyone sends their warmest regards for a safe trip - look forward to hearing from you on Wednesday - continue to take care of yourself - Love - Dad

PS - you missed Piratefest!! i know that'll really ruinn your trip!!

Rocky said...

woof woof woof
I am glad that you are going to back online soon. I am excited for you to come home. RoseAnn made me meatmalls this weekend- yum!

Hdawg said...

Hi everyone-

I talked to Paul Beaver, owner of Amazonia Expiditions. The good word is that he has been in contact with our beloved travellers at the lodge every day via short wave radio and they are fine.

Tomorrow is a travel day so we should be hearing something from them later this week.

Hey guys - when you get out of the jungle (cue Guns -n -Roses) give your loved ones a shout out. We miss you!

Anonymous said...

out of the jungle tomorrow. Soooo
glad. We sent for our passports, in case we had to come and get ya.
Lots of churches in Cusco, should have come with you. Can't wait to hear the many stories I know you will have.
love, mom

Molly said...

Hope the trip is going well, you guys! Call or email when you can. Seneca, Tahoe, and I miss you lots Ben! Love, Molly